Augie Augie Augie...OY OY OY!!! (bullpenbrat22) wrote in grease_freaks,
Augie Augie Augie...OY OY OY!!!

Newbie Grease fan here :)

My name is April, username is bullpenbrat22, and I've loved Grease ever since seeing the movie back in junior high...back in 1977 when it first came out. When I was in the junior high choir, we did Grease both my 7th and 8th grade years. In 7th grade, I played Rizzo, and in 8th, I was Sandy, with my best friend Michael being Danny. Great times those were, and such awesome memories too!

To this day, I can still watch the movie and not get sick of it, and the same can be said of Grease 2.

My LJ is Friends Only, but if any of you would like to get to know me better and add me to your LJ, let me know. I will gladly add you in return :)
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